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Youth Employment Services

Youth Employment Services


Youth Reflect and Retool: Career Exploration & Preparation for Ethnic Youths

The Youth Reflect and Retool (YRR) program prepares youths and young adults 15 to 30 years of age with the tools and skills to explore the labour market and to successfully transition into sustained employment. YRR provides youth participants with up to 8 weeks of employment services and skills training followed by up to 20 weeks of full-time quality job employment. YRR matches youths with positions that offer career paths. Depending on the participant’s situation, the YRR program provides financial assistance to help with expenses such as travel, internet, mobile devices, and/or emergency aid.

For employers, the YRR program finds employment-ready youth candidates eager to contribute to your business. To help employers onboard new hires and give the employer a competitive edge in attracting quality candidates, the YRR program offers wage subsidies of up to $10/hour over the job placement term. YRR pre-screens every candidate to save employers’ time and effort. YRR works closely with employers to understand the business’ needs and provides free recruitment services so that employers can focus on their core business.

For more information, please contact or (647) 794-9902.

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This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada.

Are you a youth looking for quality job?

Are you a youth looking for quality job?

You are eligible to join the YRR program if you are:
  • 15 to 30 years of age inclusive,
  • A Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or a protected person,
  • Legally eligible to work in Canada, and
  • Live in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Priority is given to youths facing barriers to employment, such as cultural, language, disability, mental health, and/or vulnerability barriers.

    Youth Employment Preparation Services & Skills Training
    Through workshops, webinars, 1-1 counselling and coaching, you will gain:
  • Knowledge of the job market and career options
  • Resume and cover letter writing, and interview skills
  • Understanding of workplace culture and expectations
  • Personal career plan and goals
  • Career and job specific skills training are offered:
  • Workplace transferrable skills, including communication skills, time management, teamwork
  • Certifications such as Smart Serve, Safe Food Handling, Working At Heights, CPR/First Aid

  • Quality Employment Opportunity
  • You will be matched with employers for job placement over a period of up to 20 weeks. You will spend on average 35 hours per week gaining real world work experience and earning above minimum wage salaries.
  • Throughout the employment period, YRR provides ongoing support, mentorship, and coaching to you. As well, the program works closely with the employer to promote job retention, and future employment opportunity and career growth.
  • Are you an employer
    looking for quality youth staff?

    Are you an employer looking for quality youth staff?

    The YRR program matches your staffing needs with youths skills-ready and motivated to contribute to your business. Whether you are looking for full-time, part-time, summer, intern, or apprentice hires, the YRR program pre-screens candidates for you and offers wage subsidy of up to $10/hour for up to 35 hours of work per week over a job placement period of up to 20 weeks. The goal is long term employment as the employee grows with your business.

    Onboarding New Staff
    We understand that ramping up a new hire takes time and that you are making an investment in the employee during the initial stages. The wage subsidy provides financial support to assist you with onboarding and investing in the on-the-job training for new hires and your business' future growth.

    Attracting High Potential Candidates
    In today's competitive hiring market, attracting quality candidates can be challenging. If you have identified a youth candidate with high potential that you want to hire but is lacking specific skills certification and training, you can enroll the candidate into the YRR program. After the candidate has completed the necessary skills training and is work-ready, you can apply the wage subsidy for the high potential candidate during the YRR job placement period.

    Recruiting & Screening Services
    Searching, screening and interviewing candidates takes time, and can distract you from focusing on your core business. The YRR program offers free recruitment and pre-screening services so you can stay focused on your business.

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