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For more than four decades, TCCSA has been assisting thousands of newcomers to settle and integrate into the Canadian society each year. Although TCCSA receives funding from various government agencies, foundations and other funders, your generous donations will go a long way in supporting our work in serving the immigrant community – people who are seeking a new life in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision: A robust and inclusive Canada built on the actualization of potentials and full integration of its diverse communities.

Our Mission: To enhance the well-being and resilience of diverse communities by strengthening competencies and fostering participation through effective and professional human services.

Our Values

Respect: Ensure everyone is heard, valued and treated fairly

Inclusivity: Appreciate diversity and foster a sense of belonging

Creativity: Innovate for problem solving and continuous improvement

Collaboration: Foster mutual respect, fairness and synergistic collaboration

Accountability: Pursue excellence and conduct business in a responsible and effective manner

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