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Toronto Chinese Community Endowment Fund (TCCEF)

The Toronto Chinese Community Endowment Fund (TCCEF) is a capital fund which helps Chinese Canadians to integrate into the community. Donor can obtain personal tax advantages and have the opportunity to honor the name of a loved one.

The fund will be used to provide educational, social, cultural and recreational services helping Chinese immigrants adapt to life in Canada and become independent members of our society.

The fund is a separately incorporated and registered charitable foundation. It provides an independent source of funds to help and meet the growing needs of the Chinese Community in Toronto.

Donor can provide the donation designated for funding one of the service programs or establish a fund in the name of a loved one and specify how the funds are to be used.

Ways of making donation include cash, real estate, life insurance policy, gift of residual interest, RRSP/RRIF funds and charitable bequest.

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