“Power of Attorney” workshop

If you become mentally incapable, who will pay your bills and your taxes? Who will look after your bank accounts? Who will decide where you will live? How you will dress? What you will eat? What health care you will receive? How your safety will be assured? The workshop“Power of Attorney” held in TCCSA will answer all of your questions.

This workshop will cover:

  • Overview of types of POA
  • What you need to know when making a POA?
  • How to make a POA for property and personal care?
  • Revoke a POA
  • Roles of Public Guardian and Trustee
  • Q and A

Speaker:     Jenny Quan, Community Legal Worker

Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic

Date:           Nov 16, 2018 (Friday)

Time:           1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Location:     TCCSA York Centre

3636 Steeles Avenue E., Unit 213A, Markham

Inquiry/Registration:     (905)948-1671

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