“How to Make a Valid Will?” Workshop

Why do we need to make a will? What are the benefits of making a valid will? A will is a blue-printed plan for the allocation of assets. A will explain who is the guardian of your minor children, who will inherit your property and what are the conditions that must be met in order to inherit your property, etc. TCCSA will be holding a seminar on Oct 14th, Tuesday, to teach everyone how to make a valid will.


          1. The benefits and importance to make a will

          2. The requirements for making a will

          3. The content included in a will

          4. The types and appearance of a will

          5. Questions and Discussions

Speaker:            Lawyer, Mr. Samuel Eng                                              Date:                 Oct 14th, 2014 (Tuesday)

 Time:                 10:30 am – 12:00noon

 Location:           TCCSA York Centre, 3636 Steeles Avenue E., 213A, Markham

 Inquiry/ Registration:          Please Call (905) 948-1671        

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